Pimss Features - Achievements / Qualifications

Achievements / Qualifications are at the heart of the PIMSS application and this section is incredibly powerful and provides many features to aid in the management of an employees achievements / qualifications.

We have managed to do this whilst maintaining easy of use and flexibility. You can record information in varying degrees of detail. PIMSS will work with you.

One particular feature is the ability to add photos for each qualification. You can even add more than one photo. This is ideal for card based qualifications where you need to show the front and back of the card. Showing photos for qualifications is a powerful feature and it is possible to produce reports showing these photos. This can then be used for on site verification.

The section can store qualifications in different ways. You can store a completed achievement / qualification or you can record a qualification as it is ongoing. This provides you with the ability to view ongoing training and ensures that employee information is upto date and relevant.

Pimss Features - Achievements / Qualifications
PIMSS is a user friendly application and it is incredibly flexible. You can record information is as much detail as you require. We provide you with the ability to record Qualification Level, Costs as well as record Qualification Sub Categories. Each with their own relevant dates.

So many features within this section are unique to PIMSS. You can keep archived qualifications and each qualification is linked to the PIMSS warning system. This warning system will alert you when qualifications are due to expire or have expired. PIMSS will ensure that your workforce maintains its Qualification requirements.

PIMSS has a powerful reports section and achievements / qualifications can be viewed based on a wide range of criteria.

Pimss Features - Achievements / Qualifications
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