Data Storage

PIMSS is an internet based application that is available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, from any location that offers an internet connection.

We use a trusted and reliable company that are based in the United Kingdom to hold and manage the PIMSS application.

Data Protection

Any information that you provide to Joyce Software and / or the PIMSS application will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Joyce Software adheres to the ‘data protection principles’ and will make sure that the information we process is :

Used fairly and lawfully

Used for limited and specifically stated purposes.

Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive.


Kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary.

Handled according to people’s data protection rights.

Kept safe and secure.

Not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection.

Secure Access

PIMSS offers Multi Tier Security Access. What this means for users of the PIMSS application is that different people can have different levels of security access within the software.

Within your organisation you would be able to give different levels of access to individual users or departments.

Client Portal

As an additional module, PIMSS provides you with the ability to set up a Client Portal.

This Client Portal will allow you to enable clients or any organisation (once you have granted the necessary permissions) to login and review qualifications on specific personnel working on their sites.

The client access area can be fully branded with your corporate logos and allow you to portray your company in a professional manner.

This is a powerful area within PIMSS and provides you with the opportunity to work closely with your clients and to demonstrate that you take Health & Safety seriously. It also helps cut down on administration, if a client wants to verify a qualification for one of your employees, they will have the ability to do it themselves without your involvement.

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