PIMSS Reports

The real power of PIMSS is the ability to easily generate reports providing you with essential information in real time with the minimum of amount of effort. All reports can be filtered by a multitude of options including: Departments, Contracts, Employment Status, and can then easily be exported to Excel, PDF, or emailed straight from within the software.

Matrix Report

A Traditional Matrix report will list all personnel and qualifications from your selected criteria in an easy to view grid format, which will show:-

Who holds what qualification

Expiry dates of the qualifications

Colour coded warnings to highlight when a qualification has expired or will shortly

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PIMSS - Matrix Report Screenshot

Personnel Achivement Report

The Personnel Achievement report allows a report on an individual or team to be generated, showing:-

Photo verification of personnel

List of qualifications held with thumbnail image

Achievement date and expiry date

Sub-Categories of the qualification also held

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PIMSS - Personnel Achivement Report Screenshot

Personnel List Report

The Personnel List report creates a list of all personnel which hold a specific qualification. The report will include:-

Personnel name

Start date and expiry date of the qualification

Current site

Can easily be grouped either by qualification or person depending on your requirements

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PIMSS - Personnel List Report Screenshot

Cost Report

The cost report provides a way to monitor costs of obtaining qualifications. Filter the information by:-

Specific qualification

Specific personnel

Date range

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PIMSS - Cost Report Screenshot

Hours Report

The hours report is an ideal report to ensure periodic training requirements such as CPD is met. The report offers:-

Filters by personnel, training provider, specific qualification or site

Optional date range

Detailed breakdown of all training hours, sub-totalled by personnel

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PIMSS - Hours Report Screenshot

Training Needs Report

The training needs report will show lists all outstanding training requirements within the organisation. Features include:-

Graphically see the priority rating of the training requirement

Filter for specific courses

Monitor review dates of training needs easily

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PIMSS - Training Needs Report Screenshot

PPE Report

PPE Reports offer a powerful way to manage PPE allocated to individuals. Reports can be generated highlighting:-

What equipment has been allocated to who

Allocation dates and replacement due dates if applicable

Item Costs

Report can be filtered by site, department, personnel or equipment type

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PIMSS - PPE Report Screenshot
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