Pimss Features - Reports

PIMSS provides a powerful Reports section which will allow you to produce professional reports based on a wide variety of information.

Each section within PIMSS can generate Reports and the reports can be displayed in several different ways. A unique feature within PIMSS is the matrix reports which produce information in a very readable and visual format.

Pimss Features - Reports

Some examples of Reports that can be generated are :

A Report showing qualifications that have expired or are due to expire.

A Report showing which employee has a certain qualification.

A Report showing employees on a certain contract with their corresponding qualifications.

A Report which will show the images of any qualification that a person has.

Cost Reports.

A Report showing the Protective Equipment that a person has received.

A Report showing the Training Needs of your employees.

A Report showing the skills of your employees.

A Report showing the experience of your employees.

Plus many more...

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