Pimss Features - Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment (PPW) is an important consideration for any company.

It is imperative that personnel have the correct equipment to ensure that they can perform their duties safely and effectively.

Importantly, as an employer it is the company responsibility to ensure that employees are provided with equipment that is appropriate for the job in hand and that the equipment is maintained, in good working order and adheres to any expiry dates.

Pimss Features - Protective Equipment
PIMSS provides you with every tool that you need in order to manage Protective Equipment easily and efficiently.

The section will allow you to record any Protective Equipment that is issued to any employee, the date that it what issued, the date that it was returned, the date that it expires or requires a renewal and the cost of the item.

PIMSS provides you with the ability to produce a report that shows what Protective Equipment a user has been given.

This will highlight that a user has been adequate equipment and will even show whether certain employees use more Protective Equipment than others.

It is also possible to view reports based on cost.

The PIMSS warning system will ensure that you are notified of any items of equipment that need to be replaced or are due to expire.

Pimss Features - Protective Equipment
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