Pimss Features - Documentation

Once you start to use the documentation section within PIMSS you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

PIMSS allows you to store any item of documentation in a vast array of formats. As an example, you can store PDF’s, Office Documents and Graphic Files.

Pimss Features - Documentation
PIMSS is an internet based system that is available 24/7 from any location hat offers internet connection. With this is mind, any documentation that is stored can be downloaded and viewed anywhere at any time.

This section allows you to attach a wide range of information and apply it to an individual employee. The uses for this section are numerous and as an example it could be used in the following ways :

Store a copy of a Driving License.

Store a copy of CRB documentation.

Store a signed induction form.

Store a signed PPE form.

Store the employee’s contract of employment.

A powerful feature within this section is the ability to add warning and reminders to the documentation. This will then alert you when a driving license is due to expire.

Importantly, the documentation section allows you to deal with employee claims and insurance issues through better document management.

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