Pimss Features - Training Needs

PIMSS will record employees Achievements / Qualifications and another powerful feature of the application is the ability to manage Training Needs.

Training Needs can be given target dates and review dates. This ensure that an employees Training Needs are being reviewed, kept upto date and are not being neglected.

Importantly, it ensures that training is prioritised based on employees that need to be trained.

Pimss Features - Training Needs
PIMSS will allow you to record any training that you believe an employee will require in the future. This can then be allocated a status.

PIMSS provides several reports based on the Training Needs section and you can easily view the Review history for any employee.

We believe that this section works well with the Investors in People award.

The PIMSS warning system will ensure that you are notified of any Training Needs that are due to be reviewed or any Training Needs that have reached a target date.

Pimss Features - Training Needs
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