Pimss Features - Vocational Roles / Skills

PIMSS allows you to allocate Roles and Skills to an employee.

We believe that is a unique feature within PIMSS and provides you with the opportunity to gain a wider picture of how an employee works within your company.

Pimss Features - Vocational Roles / Skills
Skills can also be rated which allows you to identify an individuals competency.

An employee can be recognised by their role within their company and more importantly, they can be recognised by their own unique skills.

For example an employee may be a skilled electrician or maybe skilled in some way that is different to his colleagues.

This gives you the ability to highlight specific employees with specific skills to ensure that you provide the most qualified workforce that you can to a particular task.

This section allows you to differentiate between employees and it allows you to recognise the employees that make more valuable contributions to your company and along with the Experience section it allows you to view personnel in much greater detail than by qualifications alone.

The reports section provides several reports whereby Personnel can be viewed by their Roles / Skills.

Pimss Features - Vocational Roles / Skills
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